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As of May, 2003, we are in the process of updating our inventory web pages. The new pages have descriptions, photos and informative text. As this is a long process please be patient with us. Prices as listed may not be current and are for approximations only. Please call for current prices. (209) 754-5175

Bolts Clamps Hoses
Gaskets Electrical
Includes Pins, Turnbuckles and Pulleys.
Machine Screws Nuts Plumbing
Quick Fasteners
Rivets Sheet Metal Screws
Tools Washers Miscellaneous
Includes Filler Caps, Button Plugs, Rubber Grommet Blanking Plugs, Plastic Caps / Plugs, Nyliner Bushings, Shaft Collars, Books, DU Bushings, etc....

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